10-May-96 Jefferson Daily KSOR Ashland, Oregon
26-Apr-01 News KWTX Waco, Texas
8-May-01 Howard Stern Syndicated Nationwide, USA
11-May-01 Keeler in the Morning WRCK Syracuse, New York
15-May-01 D.L.Stewart Show WHIO Dayton, Ohio
23-May-01 Kidd Chris Click here to hear audio Audio KSFM Sacramento, California
24-Oct-01 Kidd Chris KXOA FM Sacramento, California
30-May-01 Elvis & JV KYLD San Francisco, California
1-Jun-01 Mike Bunge (includes 9/11 Warning!)
. Click here to order the audio tape Audio tape available: $600
KXEL Waterloo, Iowa
6-Jun-01 Mojo in the Morning Q95.9 Detroit, Michigan
8-Jun-01 Arizona Sunrise KXAM Scottsdale, Arizona
12-Jun-01 Ben & Jim Show KZMI North Dakota
13-Jun-01 Issues with George Daigle KFXZ Lafayette, Louisiana
14-Jun-01 Bev Smith Show Syndicated USA Nationwide
17-Jun-01 The Source, with Paul Anderson KJRT Amarillo, Texas
20-Jun-01 Mancow Muller Syndicated Nationwide, USA
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