Water Area - sq km 2020 Country Ranks, Alphabetical
SOURCE: CIA World Factbook 2020

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Water Area - sq km 2020 Country Ranks, Alphabetical

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Rank Country Value Date of Info
27   American Samoa0 sq km NA
27   Antigua and Barbuda0 sq km NA
27   Ashmore and Cartier Islands0 sq km NA
5   Australia58,920 sq km NA
16   Azerbaijan3,971 sq km NA
2   Brazil157,630 sq km NA
6   British Indian Ocean Territory54,340 sq km NA
27   British Virgin Islands0 sq km NA
9   Chile12,290 sq km NA
27   Cocos (Keeling) Islands0 sq km NA
3   Colombia100,210 sq km NA
27   Coral Sea Islands0 sq km NA
25   Costa Rica40 sq km NA
22   Denmark660 sq km NA
12   Ecuador6,720 sq km NA
19   Estonia2,840 sq km NA
10   Ethiopia7,730 sq km NA
27   Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)0 sq km NA
27   Faroe Islands0 sq km NA
18   France3,374 sq km NA
27   Georgia0 sq km NA
27   Guernsey0 sq km NA
11   Italy7,200 sq km NA
8   Japan13,430 sq km NA
27   Kiribati0 sq km NA
27   Marshall Islands0 sq km NA
26   Mauritius10 sq km NA
27   Micronesia, Federated States Of0 sq km NA
27   Midway Islands0 sq km NA
15   New Zealand4,301 sq km NA
27   Northern Mariana Islands0 sq km NA
23   Portugal620 sq km NA
27   Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Da Cunha0 sq km NA
27   Saint Pierre and Miquelon0 sq km NA
27   Sint Maarten0 sq km NA
14   South Africa4,620 sq km NA
27   South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands0 sq km NA
13   Spain6,390 sq km NA
27   Spratly Islands0 sq km NA
27   Svalbard0 sq km NA
21   Syria1,550 sq km NA
17   Taiwan3,720 sq km NA
4   Tanzania61,500 sq km NA
7   Ukraine24,220 sq km NA
20   United Kingdom1,680 sq km NA
1   United States685,924 sq km NA
27   Vanuatu0 sq km NA
27   Wallis and Futuna0 sq km NA
24   West Bank220 sq km NA
27   Yemen0 sq km NA

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SOURCE: CIA World Factbook 2020
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