Global Hunger Index 1990-2008 Rank - Country Rankings

Global Hunger Index 1990-2008 Rankings by Country
SOURCE: International Food Policy Research Institute
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    The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is calculated as follows.

    GHI = (PUN + CUW + CM)/3
    GHI= Global Hunger Index
    PUN = proportion of the population that is undernourished (in %)
    CUW = prevalence of underweight in children under five (in %)
    CM = proportion of children dying before the age of five (in %)

    All three index components are expressed in percentages and weighted equally.

    Higher GHI values indicate more hunger.

    The index varies between a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100. However, the maximum value of 100 would only be reached if all children died before their fifth birthday, the whole population were undernourished, and all children under five were underweight.

    Likewise, the minimum value of zero does not occur in practice, because this would mean there were no undernourished in the population, no children under five who were underweight, and no children who died before their fifth birthday.

      Number of
GHI   countries  Index components:             Reference
Year  with GHI   Indicators                    years       Data sources
----  ---------  ----------------------------  ----------  -----------------
1990 	 95      Percentage of undernourished  1990-19922  FAO 2006 and
                 in the population1                        authors’ estimates
                 Prevalence of underweight     1988-19923  WHO 20064 and
                 in children under five                    authors’ estimates

                 Under-five mortality             1990     UNICEF 2006
----  ---------  ----------------------------  ----------  -----------------

2008   120       Percentage of undernourished   2002-20042 FAO 2006 and
                 in the population3                        authors’ estimates

                 Prevalence of underweight      2001-20065 WHO 20064 and
                 in children under five                    authors’ estimates

                 Under-five mortality           2006       UNICEF 2006

NOTE: The table on this page is re-published from data provided by the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, USA. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of GHI data contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about global hunger index should be addressed to the IFPRI.

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