Most Expensive Cities In The World 2008
SOURCE: Global Property Guide

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Apartment purchase prices per square meter in major cities, in US dollars. Prices are indicative and they apply to existing apartments of 120 square meters in city centers. London is shown in 2 categories, the super-premium areas of "prime central London", which includes Belgravia, Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Regent's Park, South Kensington, St. John's Woods, and St. James; and "other luxury".

Rank City, CountryPrice
------- ---------------------------------
1 London (Prime), United Kingdom24,250
2 Upper Manhattan, New York, USA15,933
3 Moscow, Russia15,531
4 London (Other Luxury), UK15,202
5 Paris, France13,826
6 Hong Kong12,599
7 Tokyo, Japan11,870
8 Singapore11,800
9 Mumbai, India10,222
10 Barcelona, Spain9,871
11 Geneva, Switzerland7,534
12 Zurich, Switzerland7,376
13 Sydney, Australia7,085
14 Madrid, Spain7,021
15 Turks and Caicos Islands5,724
16Tel Aviv, Israel5,021
17Toronto, Canada4,737
18Auckland, New Zealand4,438
19Warsaw, Poland4,383
20Cayman Islands4,234
21Dubai, United Arab Emirates4,066
23Montreal, Canada3,779
24Munich, Germany3,613
25Saint Petersburg, Russia3,417
26Shanghai, China3,318
27Trinidad and Tobago3,174
28Athens, Greece3,170
29Frankfurt, Germany2,843
30Bangkok, Thailand2,819
31Cape Town, South Africa2,784
32Berlin, Germany2,462
33Beijing, China2,282
34New Delhi, India2,107
35Sofia, Bulgaria2,032
36Marrakech, Morocco1,973
37Manila, Philippines1,969
38Istanbul, Turkey1,867
39Panama City, Panama1,783
40Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1,400
41Johannesburg, South Africa1,376
42Amman, Jordan1,261
43San Jose, Costa Rica1,255
44Beirut, Lebanon1,237
45Jakarta, Indonesia1,068
46Bangalore, India980
47Cairo, Egypt569

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