Susan Samora and Photius Coutsoukis Divorce New York documents - Theodora Coutsoukis, Epilepsy, Infantile Trauma, Attachment
..... Theodora
The Sleazy Lawyer.

      Robin Cotler abandoned her baby so as to earn a few dollars persecuting me and to collude in my child's destruction.

      This thoroughly trashy lawyer went further in producing an "affirmation" to the Appellate Division, in which she characterized me as a "self professed genius" and a "contemptuous man".

      She mentions my "corrupt judge Braslow" web site at where she notes that "the image flickers" (I believe that's trailor park English for animation).

      This moron proceeds with an idiotic and self-serving diagnosis that "Theodora's neurological damage is organic (i.e., she used no chemical fertilizers) and that it took some time to manifest itself" (crooks covering up for other crooks is what that is).

      Further, in this sleazy diatribe, this trashy baby-killer, diagnoses me as emotionally disturbed and untruthful.

      Following my response to the her nasty "Affirmation" Cotler changed the message in her answering machine to include baby sounds in the background, a hypocritical attempt to appear child friendly. After I left a message with a comment about the "sound effects" she redid the message sans baby.

NOT exactly . . NOT so

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