Date of decision: 2 November 1964

Number of decision: 6/3801

The Ministerial Council, on the basis of the proposal dated 16 September 1964 No. L6(22)D.V.3.382 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the provisions of the first article of Law 1062, has decided upon the following as counterbalancing the losses which have been caused to Turkish citizens in Greece by the various acts and the various measures of the Greek Government.

1. Any act in connection with the transfer of the ownership of immovables and of other real rights over immovables which are situated in Turkey and belong to persons of Greek nationality, as well as any other act which would have as a consequence the transfer of the above rights is hereby suspended.
2. a. Any purchase price, revenue, income, etc. realised by immovables situated in Turkey and belonging to persons of Greek nationality shall be blocked without any exception.
b. Any act for the unblocking of the accounts or the moneys which have been blocked because they related to revenues from immovables of the above persons or which are to be blocked in accordance with the provisions of the present decision is hereby suspended (apart from expenses for the maintenance and living expenses of those in Turkey who have a blocked account and have no other means or income for their maintenance. These expenses must not exceed the sum of 1,500 TL a month).
3. The provisions of the first and second article of the present decision shall no be implemented in cases of collection and monitoring of debts of any kind to the State or to public law legal persons, for taxes, duties, charges, etc.
4. In the event of the compulsory purchase of the above-mentioned immovables, the provision of the first article of the present decision shall not be implemented.
5. Without prejudice to the provision of the third article and apart from the instance as to the monitoring and execution of a non-appealable court decision, for the purposes of the collection of a debt, it shall not be possible for the immovables to be seized and compulsorily sold by the organ executing the decision.
6. It shall not be possible for division or distribution of an immovable to be carried out by common consent of all the shareholders and following a unanimous decision on their part if there are among them shareholders of Greek nationality, and the dissolution of the joint ownership may be effected only by a non-appealable judicial decision and on condition that the sum to which the shareholder of Greek nationality is entitled will be made subject to the provisions of paragraph (a) of the second article of this decision.
7. The provisions of the present government decision shall not be implemented in the case of persons of Greek nationality who are not also of Greek descent.
8. A change of nationality effected after the coming into force of this government decision on the part of persons of Greek nationality shall not be taken into account.
9. The courts and the other judicial authorities must take into account the above matters and, in cases where they discover any act or action contrary to the provisions of the present government decision, must immediately inform the Tax Office of their district as to the case in question.