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    Nauru Government 1997

      Country name
      conventional long form : Republic of Nauru
      conventional short form: Nauru
      former: Pleasant Island

      Data code NR

      Government type republic

      National capital no official capital; government offices in Yaren District

      Administrative divisions 14 districts; Aiwo, Anabar, Anetan, Anibare, Baiti, Boe, Buada, Denigomodu,Ewa, Ijuw, Meneng, Nibok, Uaboe, Yaren

      Independence 31 January 1968 (from the Australia-, New Zealand-, and UK-administeredUN trusteeship)

      National holiday Independence Day, 31 January (1968)

      Constitution 29 January 1968

      Legal system acts of the Nauru Parliament and British common law

      Suffrage 20 years of age; universal and compulsory

      Executive branch
      chief of state: President Kinza CLODUMAR (since 8 February 1997); note - the presidentis both the chief of state and head of government
      head of government : President Kinza CLODUMAR (since 8 February 1997); note - the presidentis both the chief of state and head of government
      cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president from among the members of Parliament
      elections: president elected by Parliament for a three-year term; election lastheld 8 February 1997 (next to be held NA 2000)
      election results : Kinza CLODUMAR elected president; percent of Parliament vote - NA
      note: President CLODUMAR is the country's fifth president in five months

      Legislative branch unicameral Parliament (18 seats; members elected by popular vote toserve three-year terms)
      elections: last held 18 November 1995 (next to be held NA November 1998)
      election results : percent of vote - NA; seats - independents 18

      Judicial branch Supreme Court

      Political parties and leaders none

      International organization participation AsDB, C (special), ESCAP, ICAO, Intelsat (nonsignatory user), Interpol,IOC, ITU, Sparteca, SPC, SPF, UNESCO, UPU, WHO

      Diplomatic representation in the US Nauru does not have an embassy in the US
      consulate(s) : Agana (Guam)

      Diplomatic representation from the US the US does not have an embassy in Nauru; the US Ambassador to Fijiis accredited to Nauru

      Flag description blue with a narrow, horizontal, yellow stripe across the center anda large white 12-pointed star below the stripe on the hoist side; the starindicates the country's location in relation to the Equator (the yellow stripe)and the 12 points symbolize the 12 original tribes of Nauru

      NOTE: The information regarding Nauru on this page is re-published from the 1997 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Nauru Government 1997 information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Nauru Government 1997 should be addressed to the CIA.

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