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Lindsay Talmud. Hebrew-English Translator & English Language Consultant Gilles Dignard. Expert English-French Translator, Bilingual Terminologist, French Reviser, French Writer, Translation Broker
Interverbum. Certified translations in all languages. Translations, Interpretation, typing & printing Logos - An international translation/localization company with offices and translators worldwide.

EMT e-mail translations.

La Maison Littera Translations.



  • AAA Translators, Inc. - translates in over 150 languages and dialects.
  • Aaarapid.com - offers express translation of documents, proofreading of any text, and translation of web pages.
  • ABD Incorporated - offers translation and typesetting of foreign language bilingual business cards and documents in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Spanish.
  • Academy Translations - translation of technical documents such as patent specifications, machine manuals, software localization is provide into and from most languages of the world.
  • Accent On Languages - specializing in the translation and localization of technical, legal and business materials into all European and major Asian languages.
  • Accentos Web Design and Translations - technical, legal, and advertising translations in several languages.
  • Accurate Translations - offers translation and interpretation services between Spanish, English, German and French.
  • ACE Translation Center - translation and interpretation, including business, legal, technical, and website.
  • Action Translation Services, Inc. - also provides proofreaders, editors, and typesetters.
  • Adams Translation Services - offers general and technical translation and localization services in 32 languages.
  • Adliteram - specializes in literary, film script, technical, and commercial translations. In English, German, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • Advanced Language Translation - provider of corporate translation services and software localization in over 18 major business languages.
  • Aleph - The Global Translation Alliance - full service online translation agency that contracts translators for your unique documents.
  • AllLingua International Translations - provides multilingual translation.
  • Alpnet, Inc - dedicated translation & localization company providing many multilingual services.
  • ALS International - providing translation services to or from any language, on any subject. Also offering interpretations, DTP, multimedia and localization.
  • Altanero Translations - Spanish, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Flemish by native speakers.
  • America Translating Services - translates materials of all types, and from/into many languages.
  • American Pie - specialises in americanising British texts and anglicising American texts, from press releases to house journals, from cookbooks to engineering manuals.
  • Arena - offers translations into and from Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Arenas, Jesus Estйvez - Spanish court interpreter and translator, with a Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), Madrid, Espaсa. Works from English, French, German and Italian into Spanish.
  • Argos Interpretation Services - serving North America.
  • Arial Translations - offers Asian language translations and software localization services.
  • Arthur International Translation - services include subtitling, teletext, and dictionaries.
  • Asterisks.com - offers editing, proofreading, and translation services. Translations between English, major European languages, and the official South African languages.
  • AT&T Language Line Services - communicate from english into languages anytime, anywhere, with our over-the-phone interpretation service.
  • Atlas Orient Translators - provides translations in and from Arabic, Dutch, English, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Also offers layout and desktop publishing of the text. Multilingual site.
  • Barinas Translation Consultants,Inc. - translation and simultaneous interpretation services for businesses, associations and government agencies.
  • Bashovski, Vladimir - offers English <-> Bulgarian translation services.
  • BerlitzIt - person-to-person translation service offering access to a global network of translators.
  • Better Communications - interpretation and translation company specializing in Asian languages and Spanish.
  • Bilingual Business Services - comprehensive language service for business specialising in German, we offer translations, interpreting, assistance with conferencing, cultural and socio-economic background.
  • CFEB Translation - provides multilingual translation services, including business, technical, legal, and scientific documents
  • Cogen GPL - provider of automated translation and electronic publishing services.
  • CTS LanguageLink - translation, interpretation, localization, and multimedia productions with multiple language capabilities.
  • Direct Language Communications, Inc - multilingual communication services to help you "globalize" your business and effectively communicate with your customers world-wide.
  • Dynamic Language Center - provides translation, language instruction, and interpreting services in over 85 languages, as well as full graphic design capabilities, in-house desktop publishing, and typesetting.
  • EIC, The - provides simultaneous and consecutive translation/interpretation in Brazil and other countries.
  • Epic Media - translations and multilingual desktop publishing in all European languages, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • Eriksen Translations Inc. - translations of all languages, with accompanying typesetting services.
  • Esperanto Internet Services, LLC - provides clients, like the Smithsonian, with multilingual HTML programming and quality translation services in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Essential Interpreters and Translators International - hundreds of expert linguists in over 100 languages.
  • eTranslate
  • Eurolingua - Scandinavian, English and Spanish, serving businesses and government agencies.
  • EuroNet Language Services - provides translation, interpreting, audiovisual narration, and more. For European languages.
  • Eurotraduc - translation and interpretation services. Every language accepted.
  • Fisher International Services. - Foreign language services and wireless communications consulting.
  • Global Accents - offering both foreign language translations and web site design.
  • Harvard Translations, Inc. - hassle-free translation solutions: software localization, medical equipment labeling (CE marking), translation of advertising and marketing communications.
  • International Word - offers overnight translation services for all language categories.
  • Language Connection, The - offers translation, interpreting, foreign language narration, and instruction services to Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and D.C.
  • Logos Group - technical translation, software localisation, desktop publishing, multilingual dictionaries.
  • Multilingual Translations Management b.v. - project management company for international translation projects.
  • Omega International, Intercultural Business Communications - As a full-service translation agency, we handle everything from foreign-language typesetting and graphic design to audiovisual post-production or presentations.
  • Polyglot International - services include translation, localization of software, multimedia, SGML and HTML, and other cultural consulting.
  • RJG Translation Services - translation of web sites, business and promotional materials into Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Rubric Ltd - translation and localisation services of software and documentation.
  • Tradestar - technical, commercial, and legal translation in all major languages, including those of Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Translateplus.com - specializes in the translation of web sites, documents, manuals, brochures, and more in all languages.
  • Translex International - translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and printing services.
  • World Bridge Linguistics