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twigg's English<>German Deutsch<>Englisch Ubersetzungen.
Abdelazim R. Abdelazim . Accurate Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations.
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  • Alan Twigg's German Translations offers professional translations between English and German. See examples of our work and references at our website.
  • Accurate Arabic Translations by Abdelazim R. Abdelazim.
  • Aleksandr Vasiljev English>Russian, Lithuanian>Russian and English>Lithuanian translations.
  • Barinas Translation Consultants,Inc. - translation and simultaneous interpretation services for businesses, associations and government agencies.
  • CFEB Translation - provides multilingual translation services, including business, technical, legal, and scientific documents
  • Cogen GPL - provider of automated translation and electronic publishing services.
  • CTS LanguageLink - translation, interpretation, localization, and multimedia productions with multiple language capabilities.
  • EIC, The - provides simultaneous and consecutive translation/interpretation in Brazil and other countries.
  • Eriksen Translations Inc. - translations of all languages, with accompanying typesetting services.
  • Essential Interpreters and Translators International - hundreds of expert linguists in over 100 languages.
  • EuroNet Language Services - provides translation, interpreting, audiovisual narration, and more. For European languages.
  • German Translation Service - certified translation between German and English and over 60 other languages.
  • Language Connection, The - offers translation, interpreting, foreign language narration, and instruction services to Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and D.C.
  • Lighthouse translations and interpretation services - offers accurate, professional quality translation of documents, websites, and live interpretation.
  • Lingo24 - London-based translation company catering to blue chip clients throughout the UK and beyond.
  • Lindsay Talmud - Hebrew-English Translator & English Language Consultant.
  • Macfarlane - Callcenter & Direktmarketing
  • Macfarlane - Ubersetzung & Ubersetzer
  • Pangeanic European translation company. Experts in fast translation services. Offices in UK, Spain, US, China, Japan servicing blue chip and international clients.
  • Paulo Chambel. Sustralia based translator of English into Portuguese, French and German.
  • Puerto Rico Translation Services - Your Local San Juan Translation Company. Document translation and Interpretation Services.
  • RJG - translation of web sites, business and promotional materials into Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Russian<>English translation services in all major areas, including immigration matters.
  • Spanish Translation. offers free online Spanish translation services.
  • Tomedes Language Translation Service - Now offers the best price in translation services of only $0.06 per word for English to Spanish and English to Chinese translations compared to all translation service providers.
  • Translation Services 24 - Translation agency for businesses, connecting you to international consumers and handling technical and legal documentation worldwide.
  • Translate Shark - translation of high accuracy with an option of choosing a translator and minimizing the cost.
  • Translation Agency - New Zealand-based translation company with offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.


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