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CET. Native speakers in Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish etc. twigg's English<>German Deutsch<>Englisch Ubersetzungen.
Website translations: For greater impact in non-English speaking communities! Free quote. TSL. English to Russian translations and localization.
Ester Vidal. Translations from English, German and Italian into Spanish and Catalan. Thousands of advertising banners lead to this page. Click here for feedback form.
  • Alan Twigg's German Translations offers professional translations between English and German. See examples of our work and references at our website.
  • Aleksandr Vasiljev English>Russian, Lithuanian>Russian and English>Lithuanian translations.
  • All European Language Translations - From
  • Atlas Orient Translators - provides translations in and from Arabic, Dutch, English, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Also offers layout and desktop publishing of the text. Multilingual site.
  • Avdi, Zion - Hebrew/English/Hebrew translator and interpreter.
  • Barinas Translation Consultants,Inc. - translation and simultaneous interpretation services for businesses, associations and government agencies.
  • Bashovski, Vladimir - offers English <-> Bulgarian translation services.
  • Better Communications - interpretation and translation company specializing in Asian languages and Spanish.
  • Bilingual Business Services - comprehensive language service for business specialising in German, we offer translations, interpreting, assistance with conferencing, cultural and socio-economic background.
  • CFEB Translation - provides multilingual translation services, including business, technical, legal, and scientific documents
  • Cogen GPL - provider of automated translation and electronic publishing services.
  • CTS LanguageLink - translation, interpretation, localization, and multimedia productions with multiple language capabilities.
  • Danska-Svenska Översättning - translations from Danish and English into Swedish.
  • Direct Language Communications, Inc - multilingual communication services to help you "globalize" your business and effectively communicate with your customers world-wide.
  • Dynamic Language Center - provides translation, language instruction, and interpreting services in over 85 languages, as well as full graphic design capabilities, in-house desktop publishing, and typesetting.
  • EIC, The - provides simultaneous and consecutive translation/interpretation in Brazil and other countries.
  • Epic Media - translations and multilingual desktop publishing in all European languages, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • Eriksen Translations Inc. - translations of all languages, with accompanying typesetting services.
  • Essential Interpreters and Translators International - hundreds of expert linguists in over 100 languages.
  • Eurolingua - Scandinavian, English and Spanish, serving businesses and government agencies.
  • EuroNet Language Services - provides translation, interpreting, audiovisual narration, and more. For European languages.
  • Eurotraduc - translation and interpretation services. Every language accepted.
  • Fisher International Services. - Foreign language services and wireless communications consulting.
  • German translation services - BeTranslated offers quality technical translation services by professional translators.
  • Harvard Translations, Inc. - hassle-free translation solutions: software localization, medical equipment labeling (CE marking), translation of advertising and marketing communications.
  • Irena Gintilas. Lithuanian-English-Lithuanian, Russian-English-Russian, English-Polish-Polish and German-English-German translations and interpretation.
  • Language Connection, The - offers translation, interpreting, foreign language narration, and instruction services to Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and D.C.
  • Lindsay Talmud - Hebrew-English Translator & English Language Consultant.
  • Lingo24 - London-based translation company catering to blue chip clients throughout the UK and beyond.
  • Multilingual Translations Management b.v. - project management company for international translation projects.
  • New Lingo (Translation Services) Ltd., New Zealand - New Zealand-based translation company with offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
  • Omega International, Intercultural Business Communications - As a full-service translation agency, we handle everything from foreign-language typesetting and graphic design to audiovisual post-production or presentations.
  • Polyglot International - services include translation, localization of software, multimedia, SGML and HTML, and other cultural consulting.
  • RJG Translation Services - translation of web sites, business and promotional materials into Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • SEO - Multi Lingual Search Engine Optimisation - translation of Website content and Google Adwords. SEOTech offers SEO, content writing and Google Adwords optimisation and administration in several languages.
  • - specializes in the translation of web sites, documents, manuals, brochures, and more in all languages.
  • Translex International - translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and printing services.
  • World Bridge Linguistics


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