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    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Geography 2000

      Location: Southern South America, islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, east of the tip of South America

      Geographic coordinates: 54 30 S, 37 00 W

      Map references: Antarctic Region

      total: 4,066 sq km
      land: 4,066 sq km
      water: 0 sq km
      note: includes Shag Rocks, Clerke Rocks, Bird Island

      Area - comparative: slightly larger than Rhode Island

      Land boundaries: 0 km

      Coastline: NA km

      Maritime claims:
      exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm
      territorial sea: 12 nm

      Climate: variable, with mostly westerly winds throughout the year interspersed with periods of calm; nearly all precipitation falls as snow

      Terrain: most of the islands, rising steeply from the sea, are rugged and mountainous; South Georgia is largely barren and has steep, glacier-covered mountains; the South Sandwich Islands are of volcanic origin with some active volcanoes

      Elevation extremes:
      lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
      highest point: Mount Paget (South Georgia) 2,915 m

      Natural resources: fish

      Land use:
      arable land: 0%
      permanent crops: 0%
      permanent pastures: 0%
      forests and woodland: 0%
      other: 100% (largely covered by permanent ice and snow with some sparse vegetation consisting of grass, moss, and lichen)

      Irrigated land: 0 sq km (1993)

      Natural hazards: the South Sandwich Islands have prevailing weather conditions that generally make them difficult to approach by ship; they are also subject to active volcanism

      Environment - current issues: NA

      Geography - note: the north coast of South Georgia has several large bays, which provide good anchorage; reindeer, introduced early in this century, live on South Georgia

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