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    Isla Norfolk Econom�a 2000

      Econom�a - descripci�n: Tourism, the primary economic activity, has steadily increased over the years and has brought a level of prosperity unusual among inhabitants of the Pacific islands. The agricultural sector has become self-sufficient in the production of beef, poultry, and eggs.

      Producto Bruto Interno (PBI): purchasing power parity - $NA

      PBI - Indice de Incremento real: NA%

      PBI - por capital: purchasing power parity - $NA

      PBI - Composici�n por Sector:
      agriculture: NA%
      industry: NA%
      services: NA%

      Poblaci�n bajo linea de pobertad: NA%

      Ingreso en casa o porcentage de consumci�n:
      lowest 10%: NA%
      highest 10%: NA%

      Indice de Inflaci�n (precios del consumidor): NA%

      Fuerza Laboral: 1,395 (1991 est.)

      Fuerza Laboral - por ocupaci�n: tourism NA%, subsistence agriculture NA%

      Indice de desempleo: NA%

      revenues: $4.6 million
      expenditures: $4.8 million, including capital expenditures of $NA (FY92/93)

      Industrias: tourism

      Industrial production growth rate: NA%

      Electricidad - Producci�n: NA kWh

      Electricidad - producci�n por fuente:
      fossil fuel: NA%
      hydro: NA%
      nuclear: NA%
      other: NA%

      Electricidad - consumci�n: NA kWh

      Electricidad - exportaciones: NA kWh

      Electricidad - importaciones: NA kWh

      Agricultura - productos: Norfolk Island pine seed, Kentia palm seed, cereals, vegetables, fruit; cattle, poultry

      Exportaciones: $1.5 million (f.o.b., FY91/92)

      Exporationes - comodidades: postage stamps, seeds of the Norfolk Island pine and Kentia palm, small quantities of avocados

      Exportaciones - socios: Australia, other Pacific island countries, NZ, Asia, Europe

      Importaciones: $17.9 million (c.i.f., FY91/92)

      Importaciones - comodidades: NA

      Importaciones - socios: Australia, other Pacific island countries, NZ, Asia, Europe

      Deuda - externa: $NA

      Ayuda economica - recipiente: $NA

      Moneda: 1 Australian dollar ($A) = 100 cents

      Indice de intercambio: Australian dollars ($A) per US$1 - 1.5207 (January 2000), 1.5497 (1999), 1.5888 (1998), 1.3439 (1997), 1.2773 (1996), 1.3486 (1995)

      A�o Fiscal: 1 July - 30 June

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