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    Zambia Geograf�a 2000

      Ubicaci�n: Southern Africa, east of Angola

      Cordenadas Geogr�ficas: 15 00 S, 30 00 E

      Referencias en el mapa: Africa

      total: 752,614 sq km
      land: 740,724 sq km
      water: 11,890 sq km

      Area - comparativo: slightly larger than Texas

      total: 5,664 km
      border countries: Angola 1,110 km, Democratic Republic of the Congo 1,930 km, Malawi 837 km, Mozambique 419 km, Namibia 233 km, Tanzania 338 km, Zimbabwe 797 km

      Costa: 0 km (landlocked)

      Demandas Mar�timas: none (landlocked)

      Clima: tropical; modified by altitude; rainy season (October to April)

      Terreno: mostly high plateau with some hills and mountains

      Extremos de Elevaci�n:
      lowest point: Zambezi river 329 m
      highest point: unnamed location in Mafinga Hills 2,301 m

      Recursos Naturales: copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal, emeralds, gold, silver, uranium, hydropower

      Uso de Tierras:
      arable land: 7%
      permanent crops: 0%
      permanent pastures: 40%
      forests and woodland: 39%
      other: 14% (1993 est.)

      Tierras Irrigadas: 460 sq km (1993 est.)

      Peligros Naturales: tropical storms (November to April)

      Ambiente - asuntos actuales: air pollution and resulting acid rain in the mineral extraction and refining region; poaching seriously threatens rhinoceros and elephant populations; deforestation; soil erosion; desertification; lack of adequate water treatment presents human health risks

      Ambiente - acuerdos internacionales:
      party to: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification, Endangered Species, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection, Wetlands
      signed, but not ratified: Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol

      Nota - geograf�a: landlocked

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