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Burundi Government

    Country name:
    conventional long form: Republic of Burundi
    conventional short form: Burundi
    local long form: Republika y'u Burundi
    local short form: Burundi

    Data code: BY

    Government type: republic

    Capital: Bujumbura

    Administrative divisions: 15 provinces; Bubanza, Bujumbura, Bururi, Cankuzo, Cibitoke, Gitega, Karuzi, Kayanza, Kirundo, Makamba, Muramvya, Muyinga, Ngozi, Rutana, Ruyigi
    note: there may be a new province named Mwaro

    Independence: 1 July 1962 (from UN trusteeship under Belgian administration)

    National holiday: Independence Day, 1 July (1962)

    Constitution: 13 March 1992; provided for establishment of a plural political system; supplanted on 6 June 1998 by a Transitional Constitution which enlarged the National Assembly and created two vice presidents

    Legal system: based on German and Belgian civil codes and customary law; does not accept compulsory ICJ jurisdiction

    Suffrage: NA years of age; universal adult

    Executive branch:
    chief of state: President Pierre BUYOYA (interim president since 27 September 1996 and officially sworn in on 11 June 1998) is chief of state and head of government and is assisted by First Vice President Frederic BAMVUGINYUMVIRA (since NA) and Second Vice President Mathias SINAMENYA (since NA); note—former President NTIBANTUNGANYA was overthrown in a coup on 25 July 1996
    head of government: President Pierre BUYOYA is both chief of state and head of government; assisted by First Vice President Frederic BAMVUGINYUMVIRA (since NA) and Second Vice President Mathias SINAMENYA (since NA)
    cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by president
    elections: NA

    Legislative branch: unicameral National Assembly or Assemblee Nationale (81 seats; note—new Transitional Constitution calls for 121 seats; members are elected by popular vote on a proportional basis to serve five-year terms)
    elections: last held 29 June 1993 (next was scheduled to be held in 1998, but suspended by presidential decree in 1996)
    election results: percent of vote by party—FRODEBU 71%, UPRONA 21.4%; seats by party—FRODEBU 65, UPRONA 16; other parties won too small shares of the vote to win seats in the assembly

    Judicial branch: Supreme Court or Cour Supreme

    Political parties and leaders: Unity for National Progress or UPRONA [Luc RUKINGAMA, president]; Burundi Democratic Front or FRODEBU [Jean MINANI, president]; Socialist Party of Burundi or PSB [leader NA]; People's Reconciliation Party or PRP [leader NA]
    note: opposition parties, legalized in March 1992, include Burundi African Alliance for the Salvation or ABASA; Rally for Democracy and Economic and Social Development or RADDES [Cyrille SIGEJEJE, chairman]; and Party for National Redress or PARENA [Jean-Baptiste BAGAZA]

    International organization participation: ACCT, ACP, AfDB, CCC, CEEAC, CEPGL, ECA, FAO, G-77, IBRD, ICAO, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, Intelsat (nonsignatory user), Interpol, IOC, ITU, NAM, OAU, OPCW, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO

    Diplomatic representation in the US:
    chief of mission: Ambassador Thomas NDIKUMANA
    chancery: Suite 212, 2233 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007
    telephone: [1] (202) 342-2574
    FAX: [1] (202) 342-2578

    Diplomatic representation from the US:
    chief of mission: Ambassador Morris N. HUGHES, Jr.
    embassy: Avenue des Etats-Unis, Bujumbura
    mailing address: B. P. 1720, Bujumbura
    telephone: [257] (2) 223454
    FAX: [257] (2) 222926

    Flag description: divided by a white diagonal cross into red panels (top and bottom) and green panels (hoist side and outer side) with a white disk superimposed at the center bearing three red six-pointed stars outlined in green arranged in a triangular design (one star above, two stars below)

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