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Kuwait Communications

    Telephones: 408,000 (1998)

    Telephone system: the civil network suffered some damage as a result of the Gulf war, but most of the telephone exchanges were left intact and, by the end of 1994, domestic and international telecommunications had been restored to normal operation; the quality of service is excellent
    domestic: new telephone exchanges provide a large capacity for new subscribers; trunk traffic is carried by microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, open wire and fiber-optic cable; a cellular telephone system operates throughout Kuwait (with approximately 150,000 subscribers in 1996) and the country is well supplied with pay telephones; approximately 15,000 Internet subscribers in 1996
    international: coaxial cable and microwave radio relay to Saudi Arabia; satellite earth stations—3 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean, 2 Indian Ocean), 1 Inmarsat (Atlantic Ocean), and 1 Arabsat

    Radio broadcast stations: AM 3, FM 0, shortwave 0

    Radios: 720,000 (1992 est.)

    Television broadcast stations: 13 (in addition, there are several satellite channels) (1997)

    Televisions: 800,000 (1993 est.)

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