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Morocco Government

    Country name:
    conventional long form: Kingdom of Morocco
    conventional short form: Morocco
    local long form: Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah
    local short form: Al Maghrib

    Data code: MO

    Government type: constitutional monarchy

    Capital: Rabat

    Administrative divisions: 37 provinces and 2 wilayas*; Agadir, Al Hoceima, Azilal, Beni Mellal, Ben Slimane, Boulemane, Casablanca*, Chaouen, El Jadida, El Kelaa des Srarhna, Er Rachidia, Essaouira, Fes, Figuig, Guelmim, Ifrane, Kenitra, Khemisset, Khenifra, Khouribga, Laayoune, Larache, Marrakech, Meknes, Nador, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat-Sale*, Safi, Settat, Sidi Kacem, Tanger, Tan-Tan, Taounate, Taroudannt, Tata, Taza, Tetouan, Tiznit
    note: three additional provinces of Ad Dakhla (Oued Eddahab), Boujdour, and Es Smara as well as parts of Tan-Tan and Laayoune fall within Moroccan-claimed Western Sahara; decentralization/regionalization law passed by the legislature in March 1997 creating many new provinces/regions; specific details and scope of the reorganization not yet available

    Independence: 2 March 1956 (from France)

    National holiday: National Day, 3 March (1961) (anniversary of King HASSAN II's accession to the throne)

    Constitution: 10 March 1972, revised 4 September 1992, amended (to create bicameral legislature) September 1996

    Legal system: based on Islamic law and French and Spanish civil law system; judicial review of legislative acts in Constitutional Chamber of Supreme Court

    Suffrage: 21 years of age; universal

    Executive branch:
    chief of state: King HASSAN II (since 3 March 1961)
    head of government: Prime Minister Abderrahmane YOUSSOUFI (since 14 March 1998)
    cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the monarch
    elections: none; the monarch is hereditary; prime minister appointed by the monarch following legislative elections

    Legislative branch: bicameral Parliament consists of an upper house or Chamber of Counselors (270 seats; members elected indirectly by local councils, professional organizations, and labor syndicates for nine-year terms; one-third of the members are renewed every three years) and a lower house or Chamber of Representatives (325 seats; members elected by popular vote for five-year terms)
    elections: Chamber of Counselors—last held 5 December 1997 (next to be held NA December 2000); Chamber of Representatives—last held 14 November 1997 (next to be held NA November 2002)
    election results: Chamber of Counselors—percent of vote by party—NA; seats by party—RNI 42, MDS 33, UC 28, MP 27, PND 21, IP 21, USFP 16, MNP 15, UT 13, FFD 12, CDT 11, UTM 8, PPS 7, PSD 4, PDI 4, UGTM 3, UNMT 2, other 3; Chamber of Representatives—percent of vote by party—NA; seats by party—USFP 57, UC 50, RNI 46, MP 40, MDS 32, IP 32, MNP 19, PND 10, MPCD 9, PPS 9, FFD 9, PSD 5, OADP 4, PA 2, PDI 1

    Judicial branch: Supreme Court, judges are appointed on the recommendation of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, presided over by the monarch

    Political parties and leaders:
    opposition: Socialist Union of Popular Forces or USFP [Abderrahmane YOUSSOUFI]; Istiqlal Party or IP [Abbas EL-FASSI]; Party of Progress and Socialism or PPS [Moulay Ismail al ALAOUI]; Organization of Democratic and Popular Action or OADP [Mohamed BENSAID]; Democratic Socialist Party or PSD [Issa al-OUARDIGHI]; Democratic Forces Front or FFD [Thami KHIARI]; Popular Constitutional and Democratic Movement or MPCD [Dr. Abdelkarim al-KHATIB]
    pro-government: Constitutional Union or UC [Abdellatif SEMLALI]; Popular Movement or MP [Mohamed LAENSER]; National Democratic Party or PND [Mohamed Arsalane EL-JADIDI]; National Popular Movement or MNP [Mahjoubi AHARDANE]; Social Democratic Movement or MDS [Mahmoud ARCHANE]
    independents: National Rally of Independents or RNI [Ahmed OSMAN]; Democracy and Istiqlal Party or PDI [Abdelwahed MACHE]; Action Party or PA [Ahmed ABAKIL]; Labor Party or UT [leader NA]
    labor unions and community organizations (indirect elections only): Democratic Confederation of Labor or CDT [Noubir AMAOUI]; General Union of Moroccan Workers or UGTM [Abderrazzak AFILAL]; Moroccan Union of Workers or UTM [Mahjoub BENSEDIQ]; Party of Shura and Istiqla [Abdelwaheb MAASH]; Labor Union Commissions or CS [leader NA]; Democratic Trade Union or SD [leader NA]; Association of Popular Trade Unions or ADP [leader NA]; Democratic National Trade Union or USND [leader NA]; Moroccan National Workers Union or UNMT [leader NA]

    International organization participation: ABEDA, ACCT (associate), AfDB, AFESD, AL, AMF, AMU, CCC, EBRD, ECA, FAO, G-77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICFTU, ICRM, IDA, IDB, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, IHO (pending member), ILO, IMF, IMO, Intelsat, Interpol, IOC, IOM (observer), ISO, ITU, NAM, OAS (observer), OIC, OPCW, OSCE (partner), UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIDO, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO

    Diplomatic representation in the US:
    chief of mission: Ambassador Mohamed BENAISSA
    chancery: 1601 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
    telephone: [1] (202) 462-7979 through 7982
    FAX: [1] (202) 265-0161
    consulate(s) general: New York

    Diplomatic representation from the US:
    chief of mission: Ambassador Edward M. GABRIEL
    embassy: 2 Avenue de Marrakech, Rabat
    mailing address: PSC 74, Box 3, APO AE 09718
    telephone: [212] (7) 76 22 65
    FAX: [212] (7) 76 56 61
    consulate(s) general: Casablanca

    Flag description: red with a green pentacle (five-pointed, linear star) known as Solomon's seal in the center of the flag; green is the traditional color of Islam

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