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South Africa military

    Military branches: South African National Defense Force or SANDF (includes Army, Navy, Air Force, and Medical Services), South African Police Service or SAPS

    Military manpower—military age: 18 years of age

    Military manpower—availability:
    males age 15-49: 11,330,692 (1999 est.)

    Military manpower—fit for military service:
    males age 15-49: 6,889,631 (1999 est.)

    Military manpower—reaching military age annually:
    males: 453,610 (1999 est.)

    Military expenditures—dollar figure: $2 billion (FY99/00)

    Military expenditures—percent of GDP: 2.2% (FY95/96)

    Military—note: the National Defense Force continues to integrate former military, black homelands forces, and ex-opposition forces

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