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French Guiana (overseas department of France) Government

    Country name:
    conventional long form: Department of Guiana
    conventional short form: French Guiana
    local long form: none
    local short form: Guyane

    Data code: FG

    Dependency status: overseas department of France

    Government type: NA

    Capital: Cayenne

    Administrative divisions: none (overseas department of France)

    Independence: none (overseas department of France)

    National holiday: National Day, Taking of the Bastille, 14 July (1789)

    Constitution: 28 September 1958 (French Constitution)

    Legal system: French legal system

    Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

    Executive branch:
    chief of state: President Jacques CHIRAC of France (since 17 May 1995), represented by Prefect Dominique VIAN (since NA January 1997)
    head of government: President of the General Council Stephan PHINERA (since NA March 1994); President of the Regional Council Antoine KARAM (since NA March 1992)
    cabinet: NA
    elections: French president elected by popular vote for a seven-year term; prefect appointed by the French president on the advice of the French Ministry of Interior; presidents of the General and Regional Councils are appointed by the members of those councils

    Legislative branch: unicameral General Council or Conseil General (19 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms) and a unicameral Regional Council or Conseil Regional (31 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms)
    elections: General Council—last held 20-27 March 1994 (next to be held NA 2000); Regional Council—last held 15 March 1998 (next to be held NA 2004)
    election results: General Council—percent of vote by party—NA; seats by party—PSG 8, FDG 4, RPR 1, other left 2, other right 2, other 2; Regional Council—percent of vote by party—PS 28.28%, various left parties 22.56%, RPR 15.91%, independents 8.6%, Walwari 6%; seats by party—PS 11, various left parties 9, RPR 6, independents 3, Walwari 2
    note: one seat was elected to the French Senate on 27 September 1998 (next to be held NA September 2007); results—percent of vote by party—NA; seats by party—NA; 2 seats were elected to the French National Assembly on 25 May—1 June 1997 (next to be held NA 2002); results—percent of vote by party —NA; seats by party—RPR 1, PSG 1

    Judicial branch: Court of Appeals or Cour d'Appel (highest local court based in Martinique with jurisdiction over Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana)

    Political parties and leaders: Guianese Socialist Party or PSG [Marie-Claude VERDAN]; Socialist Party or PS [Jean BART] (may be a subset of PSG); Nationalist Popular Party of Guyana (Parti Nationaliste Populaire Guiana) or PNPG [Jose DORCY]; Union of Social Democrats (Union des Socialistes Democates) or USD [Leon BERTRAND] (umbrella group of RPR and UDF); Rally for the Republic or RPR [Leon BERTRAND]; Union for French Democracy or UDF [R. CHOW-CHINE]; Guyana Democratic Forces or FDG [Georges OTHILY]; Walwari Committee [Christine TAUBIRA-DELANON]; Action Democrate Guiana or ADG [Andre LECANTE]; Democratic and European Rally of the Senate or RDSE [leader NA]

    International organization participation: FZ, WCL, WFTU

    Diplomatic representation in the US: none (overseas department of France)

    Diplomatic representation from the US: none (overseas department of France)

    Flag description: the flag of France is used

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