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    Ecuador Gobierno 2000

      Nombre del Pa�s:
      conventional long form: Republic of Ecuador
      conventional short form: Ecuador
      local long form: Republica del Ecuador
      local short form: Ecuador

      C�digo: EC

      Tipo de Gobierno: republic

      Capital: Quito

      Divisiones Administrativas: 22 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia); Azuay, Bolivar, Canar, Carchi, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Galapagos, Guayas, Imbabura, Loja, Los Rios, Manabi, Morona-Santiago, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Pichincha, Sucumbios, Tungurahua, Zamora-Chinchipe

      Independencia: 24 May 1822 (from Spain)

      Feriado Nacional: Independence Day, 10 August (1809) (independence of Quito)

      Constituci�n: 10 August 1998

      Sistema Legal: based on civil law system; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction

      Sufragio: 18 years of age; universal, compulsory for literate persons ages 18-65, optional for other eligible voters

      Rama Ejecutiva:
      chief of state: President Gustavo NOBOA (since 22 January 2000) following coup which deposed President MAHUAD; Vice President Pedro PINTO (since 28 January 2000); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government
      head of government: President Gustavo NOBOA (since 22 January 2000) following coup which deposed President MAHUAD; Vice President Pedro PINTO (since 28 January 2000); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government
      cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president
      elections: president and vice president elected on the same ticket by popular vote for four-year term (no reelection); election last held 31 May 1998; runoff election held 12 July 1998 (next to be held NA 2002)
      election results: results of the last election prior to the coup were: Jamil MAHUAD elected president; percent of vote - 51%
      note: a military-indigenous coup toppled democratically elected President Jamil MAHAUD on 21 January 2000; the military quickly handed power over to Vice President Gustavo NOBOA on 22 January; Congress then elected a new vice president from a slate of candidates submitted by NOBOA; the new administration is scheduled to complete the remainder of MAHAUD's term, due to expire in January 2003

      Rama Legislativa: unicameral National Congress or Congreso Nacional (121 seats; 79 members are popularly elected at-large nationally to serve four-year terms; 42 members are popularly elected by province - two per province - for four-year terms)
      elections: last held 31 May 1998 (next to be held NA 2002)
      election results: percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - DP 32, PSC 27, PRE 24, ID 18, P-NP 9, FRA 5, PCE 3, MPD 2, CFP 1; note - defections by members of National Congress are commonplace, resulting in frequent changes in the numbers of seats held by the various parties

      Rama Judicial: Supreme Court or Corte Suprema, new justices are elected by the full Supreme Court

      Partidos Pol�ticos y l�deres: Concentration of Popular Forces or CFP [Averroes BUCARAM]; Democratic Left or ID [Rodrigo BORJA Cevallos]; Ecuadorian Conservative Party or PCE [Freddy BRAVO]; Pachakutik-New Country or P-NP [Nina PACARI and Freddy EHLERS]; Popular Democracy or DP [Ramiro RIVERA]; Popular Democratic Movement or MPD [Jaime HURTADO Gonzalez]; Radical Alfarista Front or FRA [Fabian ALARCON, director]; Roldosist Party or PRE [Abdala BUCARAM Ortiz, director]; Social Christian Party or PSC [Jaime NEBOT Saadi, president]
      note: political blocs include: far left - MPD; populist - CFP and P-NP; populist left - PRE; center left - ID, DP, and FRA; center right - PSC and PCE

      Grupos de presi�n Pol�ticos y l�deres: Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador or CONAIE [Antonio VARGAS]

      Participaci�n de Organizaciones Internacionales: CAN, ECLAC, FAO, G-11, G-77, IADB, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICFTU, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, IHO, ILO, IMF, IMO, Intelsat, Interpol, IOC, IOM, ISO, ITU, LAES, LAIA, NAM, OAS, OPANAL, OPCW, PCA, RG, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UPU, WCL, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO

      Representantes Diplom�ticos en EU:
      chief of mission: Ambassador Ivonne A-BAKI
      chancery: 2535 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
      telephone: [1] (202) 234-7200
      FAX: [1] (202) 667-3482
      consulate(s) general: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and San Francisco

      Representantes Dimplom�ticos de EU:
      chief of mission: Ambassador Gwen CLARE
      embassy: Avenida 12 de Octubre y Avenida Patria, Quito
      mailing address: APO AA 34039
      telephone: [593] (2) 562-890
      FAX: [593] (2) 502-052
      consulate(s) general: Guayaquil

      Descripci�n de la Bandera: three horizontal bands of yellow (top, double width), blue, and red with the coat of arms superimposed at the center of the flag; similar to the flag of Colombia which is shorter and does not bear a coat of arms

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